Tori's All-American Fundraiser - GoFundMe

This past summer, Tori Sidaway had the opportunity to join the Hilbert Middle School Dance Team at a National Dance Association (NDA) dance camp. Of the 7 teams at the camp, the 6 other teams were all High School teams. This was her first time, ever, joining the team at camp, and she did not mess around.

Tori's hard work did not go unnoticed, either. While the teams worked and practiced and performed, the NDA had their eyes peeled, looking for star talent. Of all of the teams of High Schoolers, 22 girls were nominated to audition for the title of All-America, and Tori was one of them. All-American is the title bestowed upon the Top 10% of the Countries cheerleaders and dancers. Tori, representing Hilbert Middle School and Redford Township, danced her heart out during auditions and was one of 13 girls selected to be on the All-American Team!

As an All-American, Tori has been invited to represent Hilbert Middle School on the National Stage by performing in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as the the Pregame Show for the Orange Bowl in Orlando, FL! All of this may be in vain, though, if Tori can't make it there. The two trips, combined, will cost $5,200 in airfare, rooms, food, etc. Christine Snyder, Tori's Mom, was able to gather up $1,200 of her own through saving and scrimping. In an attempt to try to get some help, Christine, also, set up a GoFundMe account, and was able to get a little bit more help, but the goal of the additional $4,000 is still far away and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Friends, parents, Redford Township residents, let's rally behind Tori, who has worked so hard to represent us, and help to make her dreams come true! Anything you can chip in will be appreciated. Go Tori! Go Panthers!

Tori's All-American Fundraiser - GoFundMe


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